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VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. (VFA) Fee Schedule

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Financial Transaction Fee Structure

Mutual Funds

Load funds No fee over sales charge
No-load funds $45 charge per trade (Charge is in addition to the principal purchase amount)
Redemptions No fee
Exchanges (same fund family) No fee
PIPs/SWPs No fee for load funds, $10 fee for no-load funds


Buying unlisted and non-NASDAQ stocks worth less than $5 is prohibited. $45 flat commission for buys, $20 sells

Fixed Income

Corporate, Municipal, Zero, Government and Mortgage-Backed Bonds - Bonds are offered at a markdown or fee. No buys allowed
- CDs are offered at a markup at par. Buys allowed for duration less than one year. Purchases allowable only in nonqualified accounts


Annual Custodial Fee — IRA, SEP IRA $35
Annual Custodial Fee — mutual-fund-only IRA $10
Termination Fee — All IRAs $125
Inactivity Fee — (non-Premiere Select Retirement accounts) charged if no trading occurs in the account for the year or less than $10,000 in core money market account at end of year. Fees are subject to change. $25